Thursday, 30 July 2015


my idea before

For the emoji face I just used a sellotape. Ignore the mess in the background :p

My little cousin is inspired by me; that's so sweet of her! <3 

All WhatsApp Emojis at a glance

Good nd bad

Some zoomed emojis:

Fashion emojis:


J4F (just for fun):

my cousin's pajama pants :p

Instagram: New day, new (st)art :D

Chat Abbreviations: (for insider :p)
atm = at the moment
BBS = be back soon
COLA = come later
dss = don't think so
eod = end of discussion
FYI = for your interest
g2g = go to go
HAND = have a nice day
idc = I don't care
jk = just kidding
k4u = kisses for you
lol = laugh out loud
m2 = me too
nt = next time
ofc = of course
PTMM = please tell me more
r u ok = are you okay?
SISDU = sorry, I still don't understand
T+ = think positive
u = you
wsup = what's up?
y = why
4 = for
8 =  e.g. sk8er
4yeo = for your eyes only

hth (hope this helps)^^
Hope y'all've enjoyed this post!