Tuesday, 16 August 2016


Hello hello!

I'm finally back guys!! I would like to start with my internship first. In the following pictures story I tell you guys some interesting things about...

This is how the carpentry looks like

(inside view)

They make so-called Daffy Boards. Daffy's are like Skateboards.

Hard work but fun!

Pretty cool, huh? My favvv

The kitchen lol

Home made food by me hehe

An interesting book about interior design

How cool are these!

Easy job..

final result.

Loved this hall.. check out their website for more!

The best is yet to come..

Exhausting and hot outside.. a lil break is always a good idea

Tadaaa! Repainted walls and pay attention to the letters! We have all worked together and I'm really proud & so happy about how beautiful it has become & looks at the end. 

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I hope you all enjoyed this post!
Lots of love,