Sunday, 13 May 2018

Hand Lettering x Polka Dots

Hi hello all! 
A new year, a new start. A lot of cool things happen in my life recently but hey, not all at once! Now I'm back in full swing working on my blog.

The exercise book in my hands above is a recent purchase which shouted, "take me with you!" in the bookshop. So, this one is for all who love calligraphy and like to learn new interesting fonts by self. It's kinda funny and useful at the same time. This helps me to create my portfolio for a uni work. A very neat and nice-looking cover sheet is the final result! Maybe I'll show it in another blog post? 
Hand Lettering is very on-trend but Polka Dots as well right now. I wear a lot of dark clothes lately so I thought about buying a black top in a different shop this time. After work I strolled along the same shops and discovered a shop where I never bought anything. Promod!! I fell in love with the classic french pieces. So unique and on point. I'm happy to found the right one for me which gives the perfect dot to my style.